First Time In Bali

It’s Your first time in Bali?

A short trip to Bali will never allow you enough time to enjoy all Bali has to offer. The island’s countless temples, historical sites, and spots of natural beauty are spread across its eight regencies. In between, there’s fun and excitement to be had through various activities.

But, your first time in Bali can be smooth and memorable, you only need to contact APS Travel and we can  start it together. We will help you to get the best out of your first visit to this world-favourite holiday island. Bali’s the tourism hub of the whole Indonesian archipelago, and with good reason. It’s true the island is a surfers’ and beach lovers’ paradise. It’s packed with sightseeing attractions, too. Almost everywhere you go in Bali, there’s ancient temples, palaces and unique landmarks to discover. In each resort area, you can browse through shopping streets for a bargain. The same can be said for the nightlife scene, as well. There’s a lot to enjoy, but we will narrowed it for you. With Us you can get the most out of your first time in Bali.


  • Great beaches and world-class surf
  • Scenic mountains and landscapes
  • Plenty of cultural attractions and festivities
  • Well-varied dining, shopping and nightlife options
  • Impressive hotels and villas at great value
  • Renowned Balinese hospitality
  • English is widely spoken in all tourist areas


  • Some areas lack infrastructure
  • Traffic can be very unpredictable (ceremonial parades, floods, detours, etc.


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